Discover something different

The Lowdown

*Try ~ to make an attempt or effort to do something  

*Other Guy(s) ~ amazing people creating delectable work for your eyes and ears

= Try the Other Guy is here to provide an insight in to the great films, comedy and creative endeavours that you might not yet have discovered. You already know about the latest blockbuster or hit NetFlix show; now it's time for something different.


The Writer

The words on the page are shuffled in to place by me (Sinead Beverland), a writer living in the depths of South London. When not trying out Other Guys I can be found scribbling scripts and creating stories.

If you’re interested in my screenwriting and love independent film, head to Guildhall Pictures or you can find more of my writing at the marvellous  Movie Marker and UK Horror Scene



Say Hi

If you’re a creative who fancies a chat, someone who wants to tell me about a new discovery or are just looking for a writer, drop me a line at 

Find tweets @tryotherguy Facebook stuff @tryotherguy and lovely Instagram images @tryotherguy (you can see the pattern here)