Poetic and lyrical

Poetic and lyrical

Pugilism, the ring, sparring. All things I have no knowledge of. Yet emotion, love, fear; these are things I can connect with. Indeed we all can.

Last night at Soho Theatre, Actor Christopher Fairbank and Director Michael Vale brought Geoff Thompson’s passionate monologue ‘The Pyramid Texts’ to life.

Having seen the poster conveying a striking image of Fairbank, his hands bandaged, face worn, sitting starkly against a black background, I was intrigued.

Alone in his boxing gym, one man recounts episodes from his life, committing them directly to camera. It is a simple premise but one that draws you in intensely and emotionally. Scenes come to life through flowing words, images appearing vividly in your mind’s eye as this man recounts past tales and lessons he has learnt.

I was carried away by the emotion of what I was hearing and by Fairbank’s delivery. Words dripped over on to each other, taking on a poetical, lyrical quality; measured in places and flowing in others. Time passed quickly and I was deep inside the tale being told when it came to its conclusion. I had felt this man’s pain, joy and pride and I left with a deeply resonant message that had emerged from within a very personal story.

The Pyramid Texts has a short run in Soho Theatre. It continues tonight and finishes on Saturday (20th of June). So don’t hang around, book some tickets, take some friends and get yourself down there.

Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London, W1D 3NE