A revenge rampage

A revenge rampage

Last weekend I reviewed a new horror film that premiered at London’s FrightFest. Held annually in Leicester square since 2000, FrightFest is the home of horror and fantasy in all its guises and has grown and expanded over the years. My viewing was the neatly titled Some Kind of Hate, which played on the main screen on Saturday evening.

The film is an American offering, from Director Adam Egypt Mortimer, who has directed numerous music videos, promos and shorts. This experience oozes through the film (his first feature) and creates numerous well shot, slick edited moments.


To read my full review of the film, head over to UK Horror Scene, but for now, here’s a quick teaser to whet your appetite: 

"Some Kind of Hate, is an angry, loud film with a death count that continually grows. It will no doubt appeal to the older teen market, depicting a revenge killing spree against the bullies that so deserve it. It’s a film that knows what it wants to say, with little time for light heartedness."

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