Rise of the machines

Rise of the machines

There is something wonderful waiting to be discovered a mere hop and a skip from Holborn tube station. For lovers of the absurd, the charming, the amusement and the machine, there is Novelty Automation; an arcade to satisfy even your most fun-adverse and cynical of friends. Want to fight for half of everything in a divorce, fancy a micro holiday, experience an immediate eclipse or feel like being frisked? In a small building on Princeton street, you can indulge in all of these things and more, as creator Tim Hunkin, has gathered together an array of automated satirical machines to delight and entertain us tired old London folk.

Twinned with Hunkin's Under the Pier show in Southwold, Novelty Automation may be small but it is perfectly formed. Free to enter and peruse, just buy some tokens to start playing and then you'll be hooked. An engineer, inventor, writer and man of many trades, Hunkin has created a unique fun house that makes you feel like a grown up kid.


Test your nerve against a snarling, drooling guard dog and see how fearless you really are with your hand stuffed inside his cage.

Where do you stand on the vegetarian debate? Pet or meat? Spin the handle to discover the little lambs fate.

Top tip: take the micro break - cheaper than a trip to the costa del sol and exactly the same benefits.

A great alternative to while away your afternoon, Novelty Automation is clever and impressive. Forget about home gaming, here you can laugh with friends and share the joy of a tactile amusement crafted by an individual. On Thursday nights you also can grab a drink whilst playing, making things even more of a social event. Plus, in the era of the selfie, who doesn't want to pop inside the expressive photo-booth to see what happens?


One final thing - just take note of the regular opening hours which are Wednesday to Saturday 11am-6pm (and late opening on Thursday 12-8pm), otherwise you'll end up being disappointed and nobody wants that.

Visit Novelty Automation 1a Princeton Street, London WC1R 4AX 

Discover The Under The Pier Show Southwold Pier

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