Time for Feminazis and bush

Time for Feminazis and bush

Wednesday; middle of the week, fighting the urge for caffeine, battling the wind of impending storm Doris and ready to abandon civilization for a life in the woods, it was fair to say I needed a pick me up. My little ray of hope at the end of a crap day was the anticipation of some laughter at Soho theatre, with Norris and Parker’s ‘See you at the gallows’.

Performing an extra night (in the main house no less) after a storming previous week, all the signs were there that this would be a good night. We all shuffled inside, our eyes dull and hands full of alcohol, taking our seats as a man (named Christoph and looking like a sinister victorian undertaker) played the piano at the side of the stage. We were off to a good start. Norris and Parker then strode on stage as the feminazis, clad in black lycra and bobbed wigs and singing their little German hearts out. It was hilarious brilliantly and a perfect measure of what was to come. If you like your comedy dark, witty, sharp and tuneful, then this is a show you need to see.


The sketches roll thick and fast, moving through Norris’s ode to her older lover (a brilliant take on Bowie’s Starman), Parker as John Cooper Clarke styled poet Jackie Cooper Clarke and a cringingly funny eighties cop show spoof. Tying these sketches together are interludes of Norris and Parker as version of themselves, blunt and vulnerable respectively. We revel in the neediness of Parker and her love for Norris, who exudes a definite air of superiority and at times outright disgust towards Parker. The two work together brilliantly in an exaggerated fashion, occasionally interacting with Christoph who provides a fantastic droll character in their unique world.

See you at the Gallows is a gloriously dirty, blunt and hilarious show with some fabulous musical comedy (a perfect pairing). The show is littered with moments that you want to immediately see again, such as Parker’s desperate and drunken version of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. (We’ve all been there).

The laughter and applause in Soho Theatre summed up just how good these ladies are and yes, there were men in the audience and they were enjoying themselves. Imagine! To put it simply, these are two very, very funny ladies and this stuff should be compulsory viewing.

Enter the world of Norris and Parker