A funny, frantic adventure

A funny, frantic adventure

A depressed Italian fashion designer, two humorously inept German cops, a crooked CEO, a pair of British assassins, a bunch of bohemian artists and some Interpol agents, make up the cast of Bright Blue Gorillas latest film, ‘Mr Rudolpho’s Jubilee’.

Set primarily in Berlin, this cornucopia of characters are all brought together by the title character, the aforementioned Italian fashion designer; Mr Rudolpho. In the depths of his depression, he contemplates taking his own life, whilst his crooked CEO hires two British assassins to kill him in order to boost sales. When the assassins see Rudolpho throw himself to the river, they assume the job has been done for them. However, that’s not quite the case. Bungling his own suicide, Rudolpho is found and taken in by the bohemians, but to the world at large he is missing. Misconceptions abound and when the two inept German cops inadvertently post a revealing Facebook selfie, they find themselves aiding Interpol agents to find the British assassins. All of these strands pull together and the story overlaps in classic farce style, racing from one scene to the next, introducing this array of charming, humorous and entertaining characters.


If you've never seen a Bright Blue Gorilla film before then ‘Mr Rudolpho’s Jubilee’ is a great introduction to their inimitable style of film-making and smile inducing music (they're musicians as well as filmmakers, wouldn't you know). Comprising of husband and wife team Robyn Rosenkrantz (Producer) and Michael Glover (Writer / Director), this American duo travel Europe, using it as inspiration and location for their stories. The film exudes the spirit of true indie filmmaking and the collaborative nature of the production jumps right off the screen.

So, what will Rudolpho learn from his new eclectic band of friends? Will the British assassins finally finish the job? Will the German cop find love during a tango with a bohemian dancer? Will we be able to pause for breathe as this all unfolds?


As Rudolpho recovers from his attempted suicide with the aid of his new friends, he experiences a different world, and rediscovers the importance of relationships and the simpler things in life. Managing to steer just the right side of sentimentality, the films humour shines through in every scene. I defy you not to laugh out loud at a montage of ‘Berlin' life, which incorporates some great and very funny comments on the modern world we live in. Equally, I was laughing out loud when Rudolpho first encounters the colourful, creative and out-there bohemians. It really is a treat for the eyes.

Full of strong performances, Director Glover clearly teases the best from his large cast and there are plenty of characters that deserve a spin off film all of their own. The bohemians tour Europe with a travelling show, perhaps? That would be an adventure to watch. Of course, no Bright Blue Gorilla film would be complete without a cameo from the gorillas themselves, appearing here as a greek chorus, singing their way through the tale with wit and wisdom. It adds a unique element to the film and is a wonderful calling card.


If you’re looking for a funny, frantic and light spirited adventure that teasingly reminds you of what's important in life, then Mr Rudolpho’s Jubilee is the film for you. Whilst it may lose a little momentum towards the finale, it never loses heart and as the titles roll, smiles will be firmly cemented throughout the audience.


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Mr Rudolpho's Jubilee (2017)

Director: Michael Glover  / Cast: Christiane Paul, Francesco Mazzini, Stig Eldred, Michael Rothmann, Frank Kallinowski