Honest, opinionated and charming

Honest, opinionated and charming

It’s Christmas and just in case that had escaped my attention, Josie Long was on hand in a onesie and a naff Christmas cracker hat to remind me. Yep, Friday night was the day the festive period officially started (at least in South London) - forget the Oxford Street Christmas lights switch on and the tree arriving in Trafalgar Square, everything really kicked off with Josie Long hosts Christmas.

Inside Battersea Arts Centre, we were transported back to the heady days of 2011 - ah, I remember it well. Actually, I remember it vaguely and need friends to prompt me as to actually what went on. Anyway, I digress. We were transported back to Josie's 2011 when she hosted a memorable Christmas during some of her dark days.

From the opening welcome (in said onesie) as she sang along to Christmas tunes, I knew this was the night for me.  It was already giving me a warm feeling inside  (remember how you felt back in the day with your best mates, before mortgages, early mornings and getting excited at an M&S meal deal and you're on the right track).

There was obviously some post 2016 analysis - the general consensus, being that this was a bad, bad year. There was hope for the wonder of 2017 to come and there was laughs at Josie's broken home (naturally) and her ensemble of mates who have hijacked Christmas to make it there own.

You felt liked you'd rocked up at your mates on a Saturday night and thought 'sod it, let's just stay in and have a laugh. Not a problem.

Josie's stand up is honest, opinionated and charming - she's having a bloody good time and it's infectious. I now harbour a secret desire to head out in a onesie down the pub and sing karaoke Christmas tunes to my hearts content. (To be fair I think that desire has always been there, it's just buried deeply underneath a range of guilt and anxieties, as is the norm).

Half stand up, half Christmas show, half who knows what the hell’s going on - I went away with a grin on my face and a little skip in my step. I am now officially ready for Christmas, so bring it on. (And if you see the New Years lizard around at any point, don't forget to give him a pound).

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