Pre-Trump laughter

Pre-Trump laughter

I started this week on a comedy high by spending Monday night at Hub over at the Pleasance Theatre. By Wednesday, Donald Trump has triumphed at the American Presidential elections. Triumphed. Donald. Trump. The new President. Surely that didn't actually just happen?

Let me just recall that happier (pre-President Trump) time, only two days ago. Hub is a new material night from a range of comedians, six acts in total, performing over two hours. The Pleasance is a small, laid back theatre over in Islington. All in all, the evening is a match made in heaven. For only a fiver, it’s a bargain and November’s line up didn’t disappoint. Top pick of the night was Norris and Parker; a double act cramming in sketches, comedy characters and hilarious songs, all with an intense edgy, undertone. Let's face it, if you can come out in a black skin tight leotard singing about Feminazis and pull it off, you're borderline genius. Accompanying Norris and Parker in the first half were the quick witted Rhys James, a 24 year old Londoner who would draw similarities with James Acaster and Adam Hess, who fired off jokes with a realistic sense of urgent awkwardness.

After a half show breather (meaning, toilet break, another drink and the obligatory huddle in the freezing cold for those needing a cigarette) and we were back for the musings of Chris Betts, a Canadian with a laid back and very dry sense of humour. The Death Hilarious were the second comedy duo of the night, performing sketches that were as surreal as they were disturbing. My laughter started nervously before turning dangerously hearty and I was genuinely concerned about  the nightmares I would have later that night. (Think League of Gentleman). Finally, Fin Taylor rounded off the evening ever aware of his privileged status and bashing out some well received penis jokes. It was a great start to an otherwise kind of bad week.

So, as 2016 seems to have literally morphed in to the 'year of comedy' that I initially set out to discover, my quest continues unabated. Over these last two months of 2016, I need to try and cram in as much laughter as possible. Either that or I may have a complete and utter meltdown.

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