Maj Jukic is ‘Not an Englishman’.

Maj Jukic is ‘Not an Englishman’.

Maj Jukic is ‘Not an Englishman’. Which is true, he’s not. He’s Slovenian, but the important point is that his vlog is on YouTube right now waiting to be watched by you. An editor and Filmmaker by trade, Maj's films range from the personal to the practical, sharing tips on film-making alongside his own travel experiences. 

The vlog’s latest offering is a four-part travelogue around Thailand giving an insight in to the country and what it’s like for us jolly foreigners. Beautiful temples, crazy traffic, orange underwear, getting lost and street food is all in a day’s filming. Bear in mind that when I say lost I mean really lost, not 'my production crew know where we actually are' lost. This is just two people, with a camera and some trusty maps.


So, what to expect? Shot through with humour and an appreciation of new experiences, the films are a fantastic slice of down to earth adventuring. It can seem daunting to embark on a trip of such magnitude, especially when you don’t speak the language but these episodes show that none of that really matters. A little forward planning and a desire to experience something new is all you need.

Over the course of the trip Maj and his fiancé Magda visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Phangan and head out for some obligatory trekking. From the hectic Bangkok streets crammed with tuk tuk drivers, to the beauty of waterfalls and rice fields, you get a sense of the contrast that the country has to offer. Surpassing the quality of the normal You Tube fare, expect some time lapse and slow motion shots (because things always look great when they are sped up or slowed down). Combining professional skills with a personal experience, the Thailand videos are a great way to learn more about a new country. Bearing this in mind, you can also discover Slovenia in another episode, when Maj decided to take a holiday back home.


It's not all about travel though. If you're a budding filmmaker and are looking for advice and encouragement all neatly packaged together, then check out the 'Not the film directing masterclass' videos. You might just be inspired to create a masterpiece.

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