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Try the Other Guy was born from a desire to find alternative places, people and films that have managed to sneak under our radar. Fed up of being constantly swamped by today’s mass marketing and countless big brands, I don’t think the world shouldn’t be dominated by identical high streets and cinema screens. Quite frankly, it’s boring. So, here you’ll find some of those ‘Other Guys’ that we should all be shouting about.

Behind ‘Try the Other Guy’ is me, Sinead, a writer living in the depths of South London. I’m always on the hunt for something new and I get annoyed when the internet predicts what I want to look at.  When not finding ‘Other Guys’ to write about, I can be found scribbling scripts and creating stories. If you’re interested in some of my writing film related, head to Guildhall Pictures and if you’re a lover of horror, check out my film reviews at UK Horror Scene.

Find ‘Try the Other Guy’ tweets @tryotherguy on Facebook @tryotherguy and on Instagram @tryotherguy (you can see the pattern here)

Want to recommend an ‘Other Guy’ or looking for a writer? Drop me a line at sinead@trytheotherguy.co.uk

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