What’s it all about?

Try the Other Guy is here to shout about all the amazingly creative people who are producing delectable work for your eyes and ears. Be it film, writing, comedy, podcasts and more, these guys deserve your attention and we are tooting their horns.

Behind the screen is me (Sinead) a writer living in the depths of South London. When not trying out Other Guys I can be found scribbling scripts and creating stories. If you’re interested in some of my writing film related, head to Guildhall Pictures or you can find me penning film reviews over at the marvellous Movie Marker.

If you’re a creative who fancies a chat, someone who wants to tell me about a new discovery or are just looking for a writer, drop me a line at sinead@trytheotherguy.co.uk

Find tweets @tryotherguy Facebook stuff @tryotherguy and lovely Instagram images @tryotherguy (you can see the pattern here)